Rights and Responsibilities

Dr Chris Hornsby’s Ophthalmology is committed to providing the highest standard of treatment, care and service.

We recognise our patient’s right to know about their care and to be involved in the planning, conduct and follow up of their treatment.

To assist us in providing an optimum service to you, we believe that you, as a patient, have rights and responsibilities.

You have a RIGHT to:

  • Full information about the treatment being provided to you, including the risks and benefits of the treatment
  • Be treated with dignity and respect, without exploitation, abuse or neglect
  • Know the names and professional status of those providing your care and service
  • Personal privacy and confidentiality Dr Chris Hornsby’s Ophthalmology acknowledges its obligations to you under the Privacy Act
  • Be cared for in a safe, secure and friendly environment
  • Be treated and accepted as an individual with personal preferences for treatment and care
  • Be informed about all costs associate with your care and treatment prior to undergoing the treatment
  • Make a complaint and be listened to with a right of advocacy


  • Ensure that your referral is valid
  • Treat staff with dignity and respect, without exploitation or abuse
  • Inform the medical staff and other health professionals about your medical history (including any allergies) and current health status
  • Participate in the treatment plan agreed on, following directions necessary for a good recovery, and reporting any change in your conditions to the clinic
  • Respect the rights and needs of fellow patients and staff who are in the clinic at the same time
  • Respect any requests made by staff in their provision of your treatment and care
  • Inform staff of any concerns you may have in relation to your treatment, care or financial matters
  • Provide relevant financial information pertaining to your treatment
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